Eimee’s all you can sing !

沖縄三線唄者 金子えみです。アーティスト活動について、沖縄生活について、ママとしてのコラムです。

This is first time!

Eimee's  All You Can SING☆-100416_2311~01.jpg

My first diary in English!

My friend Angelika adviced me.
Thank-you! Angelika.

Today's theme is 『Say thank-you to your precious people 』.

The day after tomorrow, me and my parents went Budokan.Because, James and Carole perform at Budokan!

My parents took me down to there.

I was growing up with James and Carole sounds.

So I couldn't stop my warm teardrops.

I want to be like James and Carole.Because they made us HAPPY.

Dad and Mom,I love you!